Customising Ballet Shoes

I had a bit of a spree customising ballet shoes tonight. I had 7 pairs to play with. Below is the first one that turned out good. I was going for a simple, chic, wear-with-skinny-jeans type look – á la Chanel I think.

                                          The Chanel Style Pump

This one was really easy (they all are – I’m a novice), but the key is to get the bow right. I wanted a really slim bow, though I will be making another pair tomorrow with a big, luxurious bow once I get down to the shop.

Don’t they look cool? Now, if you’re unsure how to tie a really great bow, just follow these easy steps:

 Find the middle of the piece of ribbon, fabric etc. Make 2 loops identical sizes with enough extra ribbon on the “end” side of the loops to make the tails of the bow

Wrap one loop around the other

Secure by tucking the wrapped loop under the other, and pulling tight.

Adjust the bow so it’s not tangled and the ears/tail are to your liking

Stitch that bad boy on!

Personally, just for an extra “ooh” factor, I also coloured in the back raised seam with black fabric pen. This will rarely be seen but I just thought it’d be a nice touch. The great thing about satin is that it’s really slick so it’s so simple to draw on. But if you are going to draw onto it directly it’s probably best to use a pen that has almost run out – so that the fresh ink doesn’t bleed. It’s a bit of a cheeky monkey for doing that. Anyway, happy Ballet-Shoesing.



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