D.I.Y Sunshine Sunglasses

The Sun shone a teensy bit today, despite it being -2 degrees. Nevertheless, it’s unleashed my inner Yellowphile and the next few tutes will be about how to yellow-up your life! Starting with the very un-seasonal

This one is totes easy peasy and there’s no reason why you have to do it yellow. You know the rainbow, pick a colour.

You will need:

Sunglasses (the cheaper the better I guess, but no accounting for taste. I picked these up for 50p a pair in Primark)

White Nail Polish

Yellow Nail Polish (or a colour of your choice)

Gloss/ Clear Nail Polish

A bit of ribbon

Super Glue/Fabric Glue

(you can leave the ribbon and glue bit out if you want to paint the nose-ridge thingy on the glasses instead of cover it. I just had this urge to cover the whole flipping thing in ribbon because I love ribbon. Just doing the bridge was my compromise).

Here’s how you do it!

  1. Coat the plastic bit of the glasses with the White nail polish. I don’t think I need to say that you don’t have to cover the lenses, too. Unless that’s your thing.


Depending on the quality of the nail polish/ the thickness of your strokes, you might want to give them another coat of White. I didn’t, but my polish was really thick.

Coat the glasses with the Yellow polish (or whatever polish you chose) – don’t be shy! All in one direction! If you keep a really wet brush, you’ll wind up with block-colour, if you keep your brush dry it’ll give them a more antiqued look. It’s up to you! I kept it thick and wet 😉

LET IT DRY. You have to let it dry.

Coat them with Gloss.





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