April Joliebox | The Ultimate Lip Product

I know that everyone does Beauty Box reviews, so I’m not going to do that on here. They are pretty tired, and lots of people do far better and more informative ones than I could ever offer. I will say this, though.

April’s Joliebox Came. They sent me 3 by accident, and let me keep the 2 duplicates.Thanks Joliebox! 

It’s a shame, then, that there was only 1 really good item in there. That item is the Jane Iredale Just Kissed lip and cheek stain:


The really cool thing about this is that it adjusts to your body temperature, so it’s never the same colour on 2 people. I suppose for some people this isn’t ideal, but I find that it perfectly matches my skin tone every time I put it on – quite literally whatever the weather. Plus, it’s only £15 to buy, and from the miniature sample I got I reckon it’s going to last quite some time. You can buy it here. 

The box also included some moisturiser, coconut oil (smelt gorgeous, but is greasy), mascara and heat protective spray. If you’re interested.



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