D.I.Y Jazzy Make Up brushes

Is it just me, or is everything easier to do when you’ve got pretty, inspiring tools to do it with? Wouldn’t you rather write a letter on lovely paper than plain lined? I would.

With this in mind, I set about customizing some make up brushes! This works best on wooden brushes, I think, because of the type of paint.

I used a 5-piece brush set that I’ve had for quite some time. It’s from BD Beauty and aren’t fantastic quality, but they are quite soft and do the trick nicely – I’m happy with that. If you’re unsure of your abilities (like I am!) then you’re probably better starting on lower cost items!

Here goes!

You will need


A nail buffer or Sand Paper



Masking tape

Stuff to decorate with

Clothesline & pegs

Step 2: Sand down the brush handles
Step 3: Cover the metal with masking tape
Step 4: Apply coat of paint. – For the first coat I dipped the brush handles into the paint pot, then brushed of the excess.
Step 5: hang up and allow to dry
Step 6: Once dry – give them another coat. For the second coat I actually put brush to brush! Downward strokes gives the best result
Step 7: Let them dry. Thoroughly.
Step 8: Gloss them. If you want. I didn’t, because I like the Matte look.
Step 9: Decorate – I just dotted black nail polish onto them here and there. Looks belting – but the possibilities are endless! Try double dipping, lace appliqué, stripes, embellishments, or just painting a different colour. 🙂
Have Fun!! 



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