Country Getaway | Faking Fancy

“This should not be a big deal” I keep telling myself. “I can pack for one night away.”

But Can I? Really?

The answer is probably, yes, if I behave myself. But here’s the thing! The rustic little country house we’re going to is actually a Stately Home. That means you can wear your “country casuals” (haha) during the daytime, but to dine in the Hotel Restaurant in the evening one must be “smartly dressed”. That’s fine by me, under normal circumstances, as it just means to add heels to whatever tosh you’ve got on that day.

I’m going to try to add the same basic rule to my packing for this weekend. Since my wardrobe seems to very much lend itself to Nautical-Inspired items, I suppose it’ll be the easiest option for me to explot that. So, lots of Blues, Reds and Whites comin’ at ya (like a beam! like a ray!)

Here is what I packed!

Okay, my shoes were New Look, not YSL. My Blazer was from George, not Topshop. My Chiffon Shirt Dress was from River Island, not H.O.F. Everything else was right.

I know you’re probably also wondering about my make-up bag. Well, don’t! Because here is what I packed:


…All of that is exact. Except that because I hate carting around a huge make up bag, I put a few squirts of the Chanel foundation into a sample pot – plenty for 2 days. My Coco Mademoiselle is a purse spray, so that saved so much space too. The Figs and Rouge balm doubles as a face cream 😉 Lovely, Lovely. The only thing I forgot to picture here was Molton Brown Toner. I also tipped this into a sample pot to save space.

Et Voila! Easy packing!



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