DIY Ombre Hair

When I first tried this tutorial, Ombre was sort of dated – it had happened in the early ’00s then disappeared. I was just about catching up.
In recent years its made somewhat of a comeback, so I figured I’d spruce up the tutorial!

Firstly, I gotta mention that I have naturally very dark brown hair, and it’s dyed pretty much black. This made the task pretty tricky for me – so this is worth checking out if you’re in my boat trying to lighten your hair – I’m sure its pretty self explanatory for girls with lighter hair. My main tip is read the back of the dye box. If it says not recommended for dark hair, don’t flipping use it!

Obviously to begin with I did my research – checked out celebrities with hair I totes envied. Rachel Bilson, hellooo. Then I did what everyone does about everything. I googled how to do it. Then I read loads of stuff telling of how to do it, mainly telling me not to bother if I have dark, dyed hair as it won’t work. Gutted.

So, I asked a friend. She suggested getting it done professionally. I agree this is the best course of action, but I am also a massive penny pincher. So, throwing caution to the wind I decided to give everyone the finger and do it myself anyway. I also decided to cross my fingers and say my prayers.

I used 2 lightening products and 3 lightening sessions – this is naughty too, but if it works then hey! – So the first one was some Clairol Lightener thing which actually lifted the black in my hair by about 4 shades, to a really creepy looking orange mahogany sort of colour. I was really impressed with this though because it’s the only one that has ever done anything. It reeks, though.

I basically brushed my hair out, and combed in the dye with my fingers (covered by gloves), making sure all of the tips were covered. This gives the dye a kind of natural fade in/out when dry. It flipping STUNK so I did it in the back garden. I waited 45mins then rinsed off, dried and repeated with what was left of the original mixture. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED cause the bottles go all weird and the dye can make them blow up and junk – so I just did that because I’m rate stupid.

Next, I dried it and was happy to see that the dye had turned my hair a totally dyeable colour – kind of sleepy orange. So I went and got one of the Live XXL colours – in Ice Blonde – and applied that in the same manner as above. Wait 35 mins with this guy and check it before washing. My hair looked a kind of light bronze colour (with dye still on) when I washed it off, and when I dried it, it looked awesome, but play it by ear and wash off when you feel comfortable.

DO NOT shampoo your hair right after rinsing the dye off! It will totes destroy your hair and make it feel crispy and rubbish. Just use the conditioner that was in your dye, and then maybe shove a little moroccan oil or something on it before drying, or leave to dry naturally.



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May 26, 2012 · 11:02 pm

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