The problem with Glossybox…

I’m the sort of person who, If I think I’ve gotten shoddy service, will kick up a stink.

This post is uncharacteristically dedicated to how disappointing I’ve been finding Glossybox lately.

This month, they sent out a few pretty cool items, inclusing HD Brows Tweezers, Bare Minerals Bronzer and Dermalogica Mini Kits.

According to my really cute card I should have gotten the tweezers and the bronzer – the bronzer was burst in my box and ruined my other 3 items – the tweezer box was there…but it was empty.

Aghast, I contacted Glossybox, who (after 48hours) apologised and assured me they’d send some more out. 3 weeks later and no sign of them, so I responded to their original offer and explained I hadn’t got a replacement yet.

I was ignored for 6 days. I left a message on facebook for Glossybox, and they asked me to call their customer service – a premium rate £1.75 per minute call. Obviously I refused, and asked them to call me. Several half-hearted and rude responses from them later, I am still without a resolution.

Now, I don’t know if this is normal Customer Service procedure, but apparently they are unable to make outgoing calls. Not cool. So, I’m too stubborn to ring them, and their service is too poor for them to call me! What sort of company can’t do outbound calls?

So, I think, after the box that’s due soon (that they charged me for before I had chance to cancel – they charged almost 2 weeks early) I think it’ll be curtains for Glossybox.

I wish I could say it’s been nice.



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