Packing for a Country Weekend | Harrogate Bound

Okay, so Mr Kitty and I recently won a 2-night stay at a fancy-ish (more quaint) hotel in a little Yorkshire town called Harrogate. It’s famous for it’s natural Spa but also, so people in my working-class world tell me, it’s “posh”. I could see this for myself when I looked at the Whetherspoons menu to see Peppercorn sauce was an additional £4.

Neither me nor the Mr are posh, so a bit of pack-panic ensued when I realised the magnitude of our booking. So… here is my guide for packing posh.

The best part is, you can still shop at your regular cheapo placed! I took along the items below (or a variation of them)

(Top-bottom, left-right: Gold leaf Bangle Primark, £2. Octopus Necklace Attitude Clothing, Free Gift, Orange Belt Primark, £2, Blue Cardigan Asda, £7, Yellow Polka Dot Brolly, Accessorize sale £6, Navy Doctors Bag Next Sale, £12, Yellow Maxi Skirt Primark, £5, Blue Chiffon Blouse River Island Sale, £12, Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress, Modcloth, $45, Indigo Jeggings, F&F £12, Sugar Flats New Look £12, White Chiffon Pussy-Bow Blouse, Primark, £5)

The best bit of accidental advice I ever got was from an old GBF who exclaimed, one day in Chorley, “Gosh! Don’t posh old ladies always rock Nautical?!”

And I thought “Yes. They totes Do!”

…So thats what I do when I need to be posh. I channel 50’s and Nautical and if I’m feeling Fruity….50’s Nautical. So that means loads of red, white and blue (apt for Olympics season) …with a sprinkle of Orange and Yellow. Here’s the thing, even when you’re Posh-Under Dressed, you’re always normal over-dresses. I spent this whole weekend feeling slightly too done up.

Because I am so youthful and spritely, I stuck with the failsafe sheer blouses and maxi skirts when I wasn’t working my amaaaazing Modcloth Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress (oh! it arrived!) – and for Dark Knight Rises viewing number X, I embraced the ole indigo skinnies with a flowy blouse and flats.

Boom. I own at being a poser.



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