Harrogate, Happy Days and How-To.

So as you might know by the past few posts Mr Kitty and I spent last weekend in Harrogate (Yorkshire). Totes quaint and lovely, we were lucky to find the sun shining brightly for a full, uninterrupted 3 days. We took cocktails on the balcony. That’s just something that we do.

So below I’m pleased to share 1 of the pics I snapped that came out alright (I had a major iPhone crisis).

I present to you the gorgeous Harrogate Cenotaph.

In other news, whilst we were away I was transported back to a lovely, cheery post-war Britian type feel…which quickly progressed into a 1950s love-a-thon. I started to watch Happy Days.

Watch this space for What I’m Wearings based on the puffy skirts and cutesy cardis. I already have all the ingredients.

And speaking of ingredients, my next post will be a DIY/Recipe for 3 of my favourite cocktails (yes, the ones we took on the balcony).

– Chocolate White Russian

– The Gotham’s Reckoning (my own creation)

– Yellow Bird



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