Solitary Fitness

Charlie Bronson is not a madman. 

I don’t understand why all the Queen’s horses and all the Queen’s men can’t identify that this guy is just a misunderstood product of the prison system? I mean, this post isn’t designed for me to vent about the imprisonment of a wonderful and wasted gentleman, but it is a crying shame that he is still behind bars.

In some ways, though, he has done a lot of good because of the injustice he’s faced with. His confinement meant he began to write and create art to pass the time and stay out of trouble, and he has won numerous awards since.
I read Charlie’s biography a while ago and found it heartwarming and comical, as well as terribly tragic. What struck me, though, was his attitude as a survivor and his fixation on fitness. This man with, at times, very little hope, has his priorities straight. Look after yourself.

I also wrote to Charlie. I find him endlessly interesting, in a very positive way. In his position, I know I would lose hope, probably not survive. He comes across as such a straightforward, sincere human who deserves so much more than he’s been allowed. I got a reply, but that’s for me, and only served to concrete what I already believed about him.

It also made me wonder how I could dare to carry on the way I do – despair about not getting 1 tiny thing I want, jam pack my body with pure junk? I have the opportunity, as a free woman, to go wherever, eat whatever, see whoever I want. He doesn’t and he still manages to be fit on prison food.

What’s my excuse? I pass McDonalds on the way to work? Nope. Not going to wash.

So, I bought another of Charlie’s books. Solitary Fitness. Now, you could get this on Amazon, but I strongly advise getting it from Here. It’s actually cheaper than buying it new on Amazon and all proceeds go into Charlie’s legal fund to help him get the sensible trial he deserves.

Let me tell you now, read this before before you start to do the workout. Don’t just skip to the exercises and think that’ll cut it. It won’t. I read it cover-to-cover before beginning and felt really motivated to start, knowing what I was letting myself in for.

There’s no point in me telling you everything, cause then you won’t buy the book, which won’t help Charlie. Know this, though, its pretty intense and it gets harder as you progress but you instantly begin to feel fantastic, it tones and builds muscle and i’ve even dropped a bit of weight in just a week of reading it (it influences the way you eat too, which i did take on board prior to starting the actual workout).

Bare in mind this guy has devised a workout from his cell in solitary confinement – with no fancy equipment.

Ideal for the financially savvy – why spend hundreds of pounds on gym membership and fancy workout gear when you can get better results (trust me) in your own bedroom/lounge/bathroom/garden?
Save your money and do something worthwhile with it – and make sure that if you do benefit from it, let Charlie know! He’s easy enough to contact and a very lovely correspondant.

I’ll even do before/after pictures, just so you know it works, but no point in that yet, since I’m only 2 days in to the physical stuff.

Seriously, though, BUY THE BOOK.



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