Why Glossybox has Got to Go

It goes without saying that you can’t please everybody with a beauty box, and along with 25,000 other UK people, Glossybox had their work cut out to begin with. Their slant on the whole thing was to provide a personalized box based on a beauty profile that you complete on sign up.

Seems like a good plan – to be honest, this is what enticed me to stick with Glossybox instead of their competitors. Their website is friendly and attractive and you are led to believe they’ll be sending you luxury products – in size and brand. Luxury to me means product, quality, service, feel, presentation. It means so much more than label and volume. Service is a biggy for me.

Not only is it a good chance to sample “high-end” items, but it gives people with less moolah the chance to treat themselves to a few fancy bits and bobs –  democracy for your make-up bag!

In all honesty, the majority of the boxes I’ve received have been pretty good. Most have contained 2-3 products that I’m genuinely chuffed with and have re-purchased. Jelly Pong-Pong, HD Brows and Caudalie items but to name a few. I know that lots of people have beef with their products, and some people never seem to get the “best” product for their box (i.e. HD Brows Tweezers, Burberry Lippy from the Harrods box) – but for me that’s never been a problem.

I have to admit being a little bitter when I’ve received a 1.5ml sample of a cruddy fragrance which I could pick up for free at the counter – and do most weekends. I was gutted with the Bare Minerals bronzer, which I got for free today in duplicate from Latest in Beauty – it was tiddly and BM give them out for free if you go to their counter. I even got a little brush with my FREE one (review and pics coming later).

This might not all seem like a recipe for cancellation, as in theory, beauty box is a good idea, but here’s the thing. I like customer service – I’ve worked in customer service and now in social media and believe me, I know the importance of good service and good communication. Let either one of these slip, and you’re gonna have a rocky ride. Let both slip, and you’re crippled.

Glossybox’s teenybopper CEO Kate Cornell, in her poor naivety, made a comment about the future of Glossybox, to the effect that soon their normal customers will be cast aside whilst Glossybox pursue a more “elite” clientelle who will be specially selected (presumably by fairies) to purchase Premium boxes.
(you can read the whole embarrassing article here.)

Needless to say, soon customers who were unhappy with their boxes wanted to know what was the meaning of this “premium” box? Is this why they keep getting crummy boxes? Is their current customer base’s £12.95 per month not gratefully received?

Loads of comments cropped up on facebook, which were promptly ignored, or responded to with irrelevant and point-dodging nonsense. I’ve always admired that kind of blatant disregard for public dissatisfaction. Ignore the complaints, they will go away? This seems to be Glossybox’s stance and its earning them £12.95 x 25,000 monthly.

So, I’m cancelling. I don’t mind if I miss an amazing product. I don’t mind if the next box has a full size Coco Mademoiselle, a Dior Lipstick, YSL Shocking Mascara and a full set of Clarins face care… Customer Service and valuing your customers is the most important. Glossybox have forgotten who coughs up their salary payment.

Emails to customer service, calls to the switchboard and social media tirades don’t help. Talk with your wallets and talk with your feet. The Unsubscribe Button is such a satisfying one to press, folks.



20 thoughts on “Why Glossybox has Got to Go

  1. There is so much about the beauty industry that sucks, and this is just one of them. Generally, the kind of people who subscribe to GB and its ilk are going to be the bargain hunters of the beauty world. They’re unlikely to purchase a full size product unless it’s discounted, and therefore are of little use to the companies who hand over many thousands of products to fill such boxes.
    Such customers are the Groupon Junkies, and will, ultimately, be revenue negative.


  2. I agree with you completely. Thank you for sharing this post! I do hope that people are not blinded by the box to know that its their money that make them who they are now. But yet, we get treated poorly for the money we help built their company.


    1. aw I’m sorry I have just seen your comment hanabii31! Thanks for visiting – I only hope that Glossybox will realise the value of its original customer base and start sourcing products to reward their loyalty.

      I’ve unsubscribed now, so have no idea on the current state of Glossybox, but I haven’t ruled out resubscribing in future if they buck their ideas up!


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  4. Indeed. I couldn’t afford to risk my brands’ reputations, and actually it would have been really difficult to have submitted a skincare product suitable for lots of skins. We pride ourselves on being salon exclusive, which left us with only one possible product range. Each sample would have cost us £1, and £25K is a heck of a lot of money!


    1. Flipping heck Lynne that is a big ask – especially for the kinda companies that will genuinely benefit from GB promotion.
      I can’t believe that, beyond Postage and packaging, they are making solid profit on each box! I bet the CEO is lauging all the way to the bank and using these blog posts stapled to £50 notes as toilet roll.

      Imagine having the cheek to effectively con 25,000 people who just want a monthly pick-me-up!


  5. It might interest you to know that the suppliers are expected to give up to 25000 products, for free, to GB. As a distributor for high end skincare and beauty products I considered this but just couldn’t spend that much money. I’m glad I decided against this when I keep reading that people are often disappointed. In theory it’s a great marketing exercise, and we all know the difference between theory and practice, eh?!


    1. Lynne its so great to hear about it from a suppliers side! It must be really disconcerting for a brand to expect a wonderful reception based on GlossyBox marketing, only to meet with hostility from the subscribers. Vera Valenti seems to be a prime example… personally I don’t mind the product but I think it’s the misrepresentation that’s upset subscribers most.

      Lipcote and Vera Valenti does not equate to Luxury, and it’s a shame GB did a shoddy job of clarifying their actual purpose before these poor brands (which are both probably great for their target market) suffered terrible publicity!

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂



  6. I’ve just read the article and she says “Print remains a strong medium for us.” I’ve not read about Glossy Box in a magazine once, honestly. I do, however, read about a million blog posts on them every month. I would never have heard of them if not for bloggers and to disregard them in such a way is so disrespectful!


    1. Amy you’re so right. Glossybox have become a social product whether they intended to or not and despite being Poorly equipped for it they should appreciate the feedback.
      Not long ago companies would pay a pretty sum to get feedback on their product… Glossybox got plenty free recently and chose to ignore it. Such a Shame.


  7. Well said! I just read the article and it’s amazing that she thinks people would be ok with that idea.
    I subscribe to and review all the monthly beauty boxes we can currently get in the UK. I pay for all of these myself and feel that I can give unbiased reviews because of this. I have really good relationship with most of the box companies (I email them to get size info and a bit more product details sometimes) but since I started BOTBB last September I have been completely ignored by Glossybox and Joliebox.
    I have never asked for free boxes or anything of the such, all I have asked for is press releases to do with their box to add a bit of a blurb on my website. They both declined as they said they were not interested in ‘working’ with me…all I asked for was some info and to be added to any press release lists they have.
    I find them very rude to deal with and completely unhelpful.
    I’ll carry on subscribing for the sake of my feature but I am 100% truthful about the boxes they provide and have shared my views on the bad quality of the latest boxes…just a voice in a crowd I guess!


    1. Charlotte tell me about it! I’ve sent emails to gb often and usually get a cold response, if any.
      Still, I think someone on Facebook said correctly that a company with a banker at its heart will tick on money before honesty and communication.


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