Atticus: Welcome back old friend


When I was younger – in my early teens I guess – I used to hang about with the skater boys. I used to think that this was because I was one of those really cool chicks who just hung out with guys and they were never forward with me because I was just too cool.

The actual truth was that I was just a bit of a tomboy and they just didn’t want to snog me. They wanted to spend their time chasing my (then)best friend. We’ll call her Lisa, but that wasn’t her name. Nevertheless, I loved those years. I had a huge group of friends and we used to get up to some right silly antics. Looking back, though, we were just losers.

Anyway, back then, Pop-Punk was totes cool, and even though I have always been more of a Bob Seger, BB King, Janis Joplin kinda girl, I sort of embraced it. I got some dickies blue cargo pants. I got Etnies trainers and Vans sneakers, and I wore a whole lot of Atticus tshirts.

Then Atticus went away. I missed Atticus, but at the same time, it gave me chance to flourish in a proper style environment and start dressing like a girl. I became hot. It didn’t happen overnight, but it sure happened.

I didn’t forget about Atticus, but I tucked it away in the back of my mind in a snug blanket for safekeeping, so that I would never forget it. I always had a soft spot, but the addiction and necessity faded.

Then Atticus came back. I had an inkling that Atticus was coming for me when Mr Kitty sent me an email one day, saying he’d discovered a new brand of clothing (he has phazes) called Atticus. I felt that pang of joy, like the warmth of Christmas. Atticus was on its way. It was coming for me.

Then I saw the Maxi Dress above on Play.Com. It was a tenner. I have bought it now, and I feel all fuzzy inside, like I have welcomed a dear old friend with a glass of expensive bourbon.

Its been a glorious blast from the past that I can’t wait to continue.

The key, my friends, is to open your arms and embrace Atticus.



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