So, me and Mr Kitty made a trip to Cheshire Oaks on Friday to see if we could get some nice bits and bobs.

We flipping well did. We got loads, and spent hardly anything. I reckon we’re both totes sewn up for Roma now. Check It out below:


All of that above cost like £200. I know that sounds steep but when I totted it up, there’s almost £400 worth of stuff there. We win at shopping.

[ If you want the breakdown, we got: French Connection pussy bow blouse, Chanel Bleu, Biker Boots, Dot by Marc Jacobs (review coming), French Connection silky skirt, OPI Minnie Mouse Lacquer, Body Shop Foot Rescue, French Connection Gents Shirt, Body Shop Mineral Foundation (I’ll explain later), Fleetwood Mac Rumors baseball shirt, MAC Blush pot, Jack and Jones Polo Shirt, Riding Boots, 2x Bird Print knickers, Day of the Dead Novelty Ring. ]

Normally I like to use my Sabbath for church-going, but I’m new in town and the catholic church is not what I’m used to. I’ve visited my friends church and really loved it, but I don’t feel 100% today, and its a very happy church, and I’d hate my poorliness to make me bitter about the happiness.
So with that in mind, today we’re taking out mega bargain shopping skills looking for homeware. I’m a little dragged down by the blandness of the please-everyone flat decor. It’s beige. It’s boring. I feel limp.

So, my shopping list today is for scatter cushions, 2x throws for the sofas, storage solutions and check out my next post for my DIY Wall Art stuff. Rockstar edition.

🙂 Have a happy, holy Sunday.


P.s. reviews for a lot of the above stuff is coming soon, but this weekend is just ultra busy!


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