Dot by Marc Jacobs

Seriously, though, how flipping cute is that bottle?

I have never been a massive Marc Jacobs fan. Not of their fragrances. Daisy and Oh! Lola were nice, but just not me. Yanno? I used to have a sly spray when I was walking through a department store, but they weren’t something I wanted to invest in smelling like in my every day.

No thank you. I’m happy smelling like Coco Mademoiselle on Mondays, then Thierry Mugler’s Womanity until weekend.

Then they released Dot. I was kind of excited, just because  I think the Marc Jacobs bottles are awesome, even if they are clunky and chunky and un-transportable. I don’t really like red and black , but I do like ladybirds, and I do love this bottle. It’s so cute.

I’d never sniffed it though, until Mr Kitty and I went on our spree last weekend. We hit up Debenhams for some last minute fragrance treats and he stuck with his usual Bleu de Chanel but I wanted to branch out. I’d considered Nina by Nina Ricci, and also D&G number 3 L’impératrice. I’ve had both before, but not for a while.

I have a very strict protocol for fragrance shopping. I must not sniff anything that I don’t think I will potentially need – it disturbs my scent receptors and throws me off. I was unsure about Marc Jacobs Dot based on my experience of their other fragrances – although nice, not “keepersa”. Nevertheless, I decided to throw caution to the wind and have a sniff of Dot.

I fell in love.

It’s so totally fresh and sweet and very feminine without being floral or old fashioned. Its the sort of thing where your better half sniffs you up and melts. That’s a good sign, right?

I mean, I can’t provide proof of it being good on the internet, but I urge you to go and get yourself a spray of it. Its just lovely.

Not only that, I know it’s a summery fragrance, but I am totally going to wear this all winter, too. Nobody can stop me.





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