The Worth of Converse

I used to love Converse shoes. I spent a while lusting after them in my early teens and convinced my Nan to get me a pair of Black High-Top Chuck Taylor shoes for my 13th Birthday. The cost her £24.99 brand new from Schuh in Manchester.

Over the next few years, I built up a relatively impressive collection of High-Tops (for a teenager). I had yellow, green, red, black, navy, dusty blue and even some smarties patterned ones. They never cost me more than £25.99 – I even picked up some green ones in Spain for the Peseta equivalent of £19. I got some in Cork, Ireland for the equivalent of £21.

Last summer, after clearing out and getting rid of all but my original Black high tops, I hadn’t really kicked the habit, but I’d calmed a little. About 2 weeks after clearing out, I fell over and tore 1 of my high tops and they were unwearable.

I rushed off back to Schuh and got myself some suit-everything white Low-Tops and grudgingly paid £35. I know, I know. I was 22. 9 years later and a £10 inflation on a pair of shoes is probably just about acceptable.

Last week I visited Schuh again for a replacement pair of low-top White converse shoes. The ones I’d bought the previous year were jiggered, with far less wear and far less longevity. I was disappointed about the new quality of Converse, but £35 is much less of an expenditure for shoes now I’m working instead of saving pocket money, so I overlooked it.

The cheeky monkeys tried to charge me £45. So, the shoes have gone up in price by £10 in less than a year. That is just obscene.

 I hereby firmly swear off Converse, even if they are lovely and comfy and suit-all.

I write this as I sit here wearing my dunlop plimsolls, with a smug look on my face. They are actually every bit as comfy as my old Converse were, plus they cost me £6. I wonder what I’ll do with the remaining £39 – maybe go on holiday, since my flight to Rome only cost £40.



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