Winter Woolies

 Is there only me who is already gearing up for Winter and getting stoked for wearing knitted tights with big wooly socks? Boots with bedsocks underneath?

I am totes loving this second wind that Summer in the UK has thrown us, but I secretly wish for a bit of a chill now so I can crack out the Uggs and winter coat!


With that in mind, I’ve been window shopping (online) for the perfect winter coat. I’m torn… most years I get myself a big chunky duffle coat, and a nice tailored one for “best”. Last year I splurged on a duffle coat and got the topshop one pictured. It is such great quality that I don’t need a new one this year… so I get to shop for another winter coat.

Since I’ve recently become pretty big on 60s vintage, I had a browse in my favourite vintage outlet, Cosmic. Cosmic is based near Newcastle and I went once a few years ago on a long drive, but now I just visit them on eBay.

I picked out this gorge berry-coloured number:


I have already mentally styled it, as it’s in the post on the way to me. A thin-knit navy blue scarf with matching hat and fold-back mittens – customised with mustard yellow and gold vintage buttons (tutorial whenever I get around to that).

Anyway, aside from that one, I have my eye on the yellow cape pictured above. At £1,400 I don’t think I’ll ever invest in it, but I totally adore it, and I just know it’d look fantastic with most everything I own.

Also cannot wait for snuggling up with a good book and a hot chocolate! That’s a few months away though.

Anyway, give my new coat some love!


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