The Last Glossybox: September ’12 (no spoiler)

So, like you know, I’m the kind of person who starts trying to find out exactly what’s in the Glossybox as soon as I know it’s dispatched.

I was over the moon to discover that someone has been sent one over a week in advance and has already been a total babe and blogged about it here (spoiler alert) I actually had never visited GEMSMAQUILLAGE before seeing her post on the Glossybox facebook page, and I really enjoy her posts. Well worth a read.

Anyway, I am sorry to say that again, based solely on the contents of the blogged box, I am really gutted. They seem to have spent a lot of time on preparing a dazzling new website and great packaging (the box is cute) but dropped on the time spent to research worthwhile and luxury brands.

For those of you who don’t want to know exactly what’s in there, I won’t mention the specific contents, but you’ll find L’Oreal and Olay in the lineup this month, as well as Balance Me, which we have all seen before. Hardly groundbreaking stuff – I can pick any one of these items up visiting Boots…or even Body Care.

Fair enough, maybe L’Oreal and Olay are on the better side of basic skincare and hair-care, but they don’t quite tip into luxury for me.

All that said, I do really like the packaging. Maggie Li has done a fab job and I really hope that Glossybox take the opportunity to revamp the box completely. The pink one is nice, but its always much nicer to get a bit of a funky design.

Luckily for me, this month’s box will be free with GlossyDots and it will also be my last box, given all the problems and disappointments and disgraceful public comments.

I’d love to hear what everybody else has received in their September box!

EDIT: I said this was my last glossybox, however, they have contacted me to offer me a free box next month which will not come out of my Glossydots. This is pretty nice of them, but we’ll see if this months box a) arrives and b) is any good.

EDIT pt 2: Glossyboxes were now dispatched a week ago and I have not received mine yet. Chris in Customer Services explained that he didn’t expect me to have to wait for my box so it was apparently sent early. That said, I looked at the tracking today and it’s still in London. I live 200 miles away. It hasn’t moved since 19th September.


2 thoughts on “The Last Glossybox: September ’12 (no spoiler)

    1. Hey thanks for the comment, love the video too! I don’t think I’d mind the day cream – but lots of people seem to have gotten Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream – which I actually do use religiously, but that kinda defeats the object of “discovering new products”.


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