DIY Monochrome Planter

 I am going to make this sound like I sat at a potter’s wheel and made a plant pot then decorated it.

diy planter ikea

I didn’t. I bought the Plant Pot (and the Orchid inside) here. 

 will take full responsibility for the careful customisation of it, though. I had originally not wanted a plantpot, until I arrived at Ikea, at which point a plant (and pot) became my main objective. I just love plants, fresh flowers and cacti in my living quarters – I think it makes a place feel fresh and healthy. I do not love Ikea, although I totally adore it. I don’t like how everything is so samey, and everyone everywhere may have it already. I do love that their stuff is cheap enough to take a risk with.

The brill thing about Ikea is that you can get some really plain, dull stuff for a really low price – then set about customising it. I had gone to buy monochrome stripe cushion covers, but when I couldn’t find those, I decided that I must have a monochrome plant pot.

 My idea was to get some masking tape and carefully mark stripes around a blank, unridged pot and paint them in. However, I got lucky and Ikea sold the cute horizontal-ridged Kardemumma plant pot. I also got myself a lovely orchid to go in it.

Here’s how I did it (as if you need a tutorial for how easy this is)

You need:

–        Plant Pot (ridged)*
–        Coloured Permanent Marker (I used black)
–        A steady hand
*If you can’t find a ridged pot, get some masking tape and mark rings around your pot – this way you get to choose the width, too.

 Step 1: (there is only 1 step) colour in the ridges with the black marker pen. Carefully.

Et Voila!



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