Vintage “shopping” at home

So loads of people are all about vintage. I suppose I am too, but I don’t follow the crowd too much.

In my quest to save some money, I decided to maybe take a look through things I already had. I know I had a bunch of my Nan’s jewellery somewhere but I’d Never gotten around to looking at it. Mainly because I already had a good idea of what was there.
That being said, in the six years that have passed since I last considered the jewellery, my taste has sure changed. A lot.
It’s nice to feel like you’ve been shopping and got loads of new, cool stuff without actually having to spend any money or spend the time searching through vintage stores. I guess I like shopping less than I like the feeling of ‘new’.
I will give an update on the cool bits of jewellery I’ve now added to my collection really soon, however I just wanted to share this really cool wartime tins I found while rooting around.






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