Rome City Break | Outfit Inspiration & Packing

I have actually cracked it.

For everyone who was panicking about my wellbeing, its time to relax. I’ve done it. Or I have in my head, anyway.  There’s one thing I’m really pleased with too, not because I’m going to do it but because I’ll be able to say it:

“I macrommed myself some jean-shorts”.

You’ll see, because I might share a tutorial. As if you need a how-to for cutting legs off jeans.

Hows that for packing light?  I mean, I will more than likely travel in the jeggings, sneakers and a plain tshirt, so that frees up a little bag room too. Plus, my trial-pack proved to me that theres plenty room for souvenirs, etc. I was a little worried about the shoes fitting in, since they are totes a must-have, but they fit just fine. Yhey fit better still stuffed with underwear and accessories (minimal, obvs).

not only that, the whole collection is more or less interchangeable for day/night. I did the “mental math” and came up with 9 different outfits from the stuff above. No cheating, either. Thats impressive.

Obviously, there will also be the make up bag, but check this, got it covered!

Actually, it looks like most of my packing will be taken up by make up! Still, when in Rome, be fabulous like the Italian girls.

Anyway, I gotta go, time to put together the walking tour de Roma!



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