Versatile Meatball Recipe for Any Dish

“Every girl needs a good meatball recipe, and a good meatloaf recipe,” my Nan never said in real life.

“Gosh, that’s a bit chauvenist, Nan,” I never thought in reply.

Nevertheless, I do think its important to have a few recipes under your belt, so to speak, just in case you have company/need to impress an inlaw/ want to eat something delicious/ need to show off.

Meatballs are a few things.
1. Easy
2. Versatile
3. Delicious
4. Available in a Vegetarian/Vegan/Kosher/Halal Option

Seriously, what more could you want?

*I use Mixed beef and pork mince – 250g of each. 500g of Mince makes roughly enough for 2 adults with some leftovers for lunch and it doesnt matter what mince combo, if any, you use.
For every extra 500g, double up other ingredients*

Gosh, I was trying to make this sound easy! Trust me though, the execution is simple – 10 minutes and POW. Done.

Step 1: Chop the onion and garlic into teeny tiny pieces. As small as you can without also cutting your fingers. Cook for about 10mins until soft.

Step 2: In a bowl, hand-mix the mince together until it’s like dough. Make a well in the middle and add in the Breadcrumbs (60g per 500g), Onion/Garlic mix and Salt & Pepper to taste.
*This is where you would also add recipe-specific spices (Oregano for Italian dishes, Lemon Zest for Moroccan etc)*
Step 3: Hand-Mix all the ingredients together, then add the Egg, and continue to mix until moist but firm.

Step 4: Roll into balls as big as you please. Not too big, obvs. You want them no bigger than a Ping Pong Ball.

Now…you can freeze, fry, bake in sauce, slow cook or even BBQ these bad boys (depending on whether you used Pork or not).

Stay tuned, as I’ve gone kinda meatball mad, so there’ll be a few good meatball recipes coming up!


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