Pink Hair & what I’m doing for Breast Cancer Research

So like I said, I am “Wearing it Pink” from today until (at least) Friday.

Photo: Pink to make the boys wink haha

I actually absolutely love the way it looks! I expected to only be able to style it 1 way: Rock n Roll. I was actually incredibly wrong, its a surprisingly versatile look!

Aside from the pink hair, I will be ditching my motorcar after today and Cycling everywhere from Tomorrow until Saturday – come rain or shine. This will be hard, as my route to work is uphill, and I start at 8am, so I’ll be cycling from about 6.30am onwards. Yikes!

I did a lot of fundraising last year, and due to poor reception in the places I did it (work) myself and my fundraising buddy got a little disheartened with it. This year, since I’ve taken a break, I have felt much less valuable, so I am gradually getting back into fundraising. Watch this space folks.

In the meantime, if you want to donate, you can do so here.


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October 22, 2012 · 10:02 am

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