Bloody Halloween Nails Tutorial

Okay so since I’ve been getting into the “festive” spirit, I’ve been thinking of discreet(ish) ways of working in a little Creepy-Chic into my daily getup in celebration of Halloween. Please note I actually have 5 fingers on  each hand, not 4 as the picture suggests…
I flipping adore Halloween, when it’s done properly freakily – blood, guts, gore and pure terror! So, naturally, the “clawed off in the bottom of a well” fingernail look appealed to me immensely.

Anyway, here is how I achieved these gruesome bloody nails!

Simple, yeah?
Obvs, it doesn’t have to be Essie products, thats just what I had to hand.

*Before you start, pull the fluff off the ends of the Q-Tips*

Step 1: Paint your whole nail with 2-3 coats of the White polish. Neatly, neatly.

Step 2: Once the white is completely dry paint a thicker-than-usual tip (as if you’re doing french nails)

Step 3: While the red polish is still wet, drag streaks of it down your nail towards your cuticle using the Q-Tip. The rougher the better.

Step 4: With the polish left on the Q Tip end, dot “flecks of blood” on the rest of the nail.

Step 5: (optional) Just before the red polish is fully dry, apply a topcoat (this will make it look “jelly-ish” and maybe smudge a bit – this is good!)

Et, Voila!


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