Body Shop Shampoo | A Trio of Reviews

The Body Shop had a stall on the ground floor of my building today, so I went along to see if there was anything to be had. I come frmo a family whose cleaning routine has always been very heavily based around Body Shop products, and as a result, I actually rather like Body Shop’s bathing range, and their skincare. I didn’t want to spend a bomb, so here is what I got:

The bottles were £3 each for 250ml. I quite often use the Banana shampoo and conditioner from BS, and change it up with Dove every other bottle. I also always have a bottle of Ice Blue Shampoo on reserve for morning showers, and guests. Its just so refreshing.

The Ginger Anti-Dandruff shampoo was completely new to me in this purchase. I don’t even have dandruff, it just smells gorgeous…and I guess it’ll be a good combatant.

So here goes my reviews.


Ginger Shampoo

I used this last night since I already know what the other 2 are like – its actually very nice! The smell is gorgeous, and it doesn’t have that head-and-shoulders burn (does anyone else get that?). It lathers up quite well, but not as nicely as Dove – that’s not uncommon with BodyShop products, though, so I ‘m not surprised.
It left my hair feeling a little dry, but with the help of some conditioner on the ends (they need extra care due to being pink) I finished up with pretty nice feeling hair. I let it dry naturally to avoid interfering with the shampoo, and a few hours later my hair was shiny, smooth and smelled gorgeous.
I’d probably rate this shampoo at 8/10

Banana Shampoo

I already love this product, so you’re gonna get a good review here. The first thing I always note is how incredibly delicious it smells. Remember those banana-iced Tom & Jerry cupcakes every 20-something used to make with their mum/gran? It smells like those. Mmmm!
My experience with delicious, fruity, novelty shampoos usually ends with immense disappointment, but this Shampoo is straight from God’s bathroom cabinet. With a teensy amount, the lather is pretty good (not as good as Dove, better than the Ginger one).
I usually have to use conditioner on the ends of my hair every time I wash. Not with this bad boy.

My rating for this shampoo? 9/10

Ice Blue Shampoo

Strangely, I buy this because it reminds me of my Dad. He is a firm believer in Ice Blue Shampoo, and I guess it is probably more useful for Male hair – it isn’t particularly moisturising, doesn’t leave a spectacular shine and really hurts if you get it in your eyes.
But on the plus side? The smell is intensely wonderful! It’s minty, but without being actually minty – I guess you call that “refreshing”. I like to use this on the rare occastion I shower in the morning instead of before bed –  or after a long flight.
I personally prefer to use this product as a body wash as the tingle does transfer onto skin and makes you feel all crisp and clean and lovely. Plus, the smell holds out better on skin than it does in hair.

I have to rate this product twice. As a shampoo, 5/10 … as a body wash, 8/10.



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