MUA Nail Constellations review

Yesterday I made an impulse buy. It was MUA Nail Constellations in Libra. I don’t know what made me buy them, because I hate the feeling of lumpy nails.

Boy, am I glad I bought them!

I selected Libra cause I figured black goes with most things, and the little flecks of turquoise and pink go with and contrast my hair. Like how matchy-matchy I am? Plus, I thought I can just paint over the bobbles if I want a lumpy-but-lush look.

I gotta be honest, the whole application process was a bit of a mess. The instructions say to apply a thick layer of MUA polish (I used “Plum Noir” – review later) then use the nozzle to apply the beads. I assumed this would prevent them from going everywhere, but a few seconds after this step, there were beads all over my dressing table.
Personally, I found it really difficult to cover the entire nail with the beads without smudging and generally making a terrible mess. Perhaps this is the sort of endeavour to tackle with a friend.
Nevertheless, after a (long) while, I managed to complete 1 nail, fairly neatly, with Nail Constellations.

To my disgust, it doesn’t match the “plum noir” polish at all – thats probably because the turquoise beads are more visible than the pink, so more fool me. Still, if you’re stuck with Colour Combos, a quick google image search will show you just how fabulous this product can look.

The product itself, aside from being fiddly to apply and a bit messy, is great. It looks really cool (even mismatched) and I am literally gobsmacked how strong it is. I am a wriggly sleeper, and I play with my hair, and none of the beads have come off since application.

Overall? Next time I think I’ll try pouring the beads into a little thimble and dipping my wet nail in. 

Aside from that, 7/10 for the combo of coolness and price.

Thanks, MUA!

…p.s Does anyone know how to remove them?


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