Jewel Hue Manicure | No7 StayPerfect in Gold & Navy

Mr Kitty decided to buy himself the new Medal of Honour game, and since I guess he knew that meant abandoning me to play PS3 for a few days, (and cause he’s lovely) he treated me to 3-for-2 at Boots. He as talking about war and battle, and whenever I hear “battle” I think of men on cloaked horses at Camelot.
Anyway, 2 of the 3 items were No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Polishes in “Betty Blues” and “Sunbeam”.
I think Sunbeam may be the new name for “Hot to Trot” – since this is the only other gold colour I know of No. 7 – but I may be mistaken.

I have this little problem where whenever I get something new, I want to wear or use it right away. I got home and couldn’t decide on which shade to wear first. I was unsure about Sunbeam because it’s all gold, which I don’t like as a full-nail colour. So I figured that I would just wear both at once.

First of all, I painted my basecoat in Betty Blues and let it dry, with the intention of painting on golden French tips. That looked really not cool. So in the end, I came up with this, inspired by thinking about Jousts:

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I think its pretty self explanatory how to recreate this look, but just in case you can’t figure it out… here is how you do it:

Step 1: Paint your basecoat in Betty Blues – or any other Navy Blue polish. Step 2: Paint Sunbeam from the bottom corner of your nail, diagonally, to the top. I had the lines pointing toward my thumb on each hand. Step 3: Apply a second coat of Sunbeam. Seal with your usual topcoat.


This kind of reminded me of Harry Potter, as I was thinking that if I’d used Burgundy and Gold, it would have looked like Gryffindor colours.

I also wanted to review these products, as I use a lot of No. 7 polish, so that is coming up soon.

Stay tuned for my next manicure, which will be Harry Potter inspired, and will probably surface on Monday or Tuesday night.


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