E.T The Extra-Terrestrial Style Icon.

I have already talked all about my conventional style icons here. But I am by no means a conventional gal, and I think that the days of the conventional gal are numbered – because she doesn’t exist.

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of what you think is “cool” stays with you from being very young. After all, that is when “cool” is most important – after you learn to be comfortable in your skin, cool looks back at you in the mirror. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time watching films. A Lot. Hence doing a Film Degree – it seemed to make sense, love what you learn and all that.
Anyway, because of that, a lot of what I thought Cool was movie-derived – and largely 80s and Americanised, faddy, bold and mostly very firmly uncool in my school.

Every single person my age in the Western World will no doubt remember the craze of Alien movies. My personal favourite is Mac and Me but tons of kids will prefer – and adore – E.T. Ladies, let me tell you, E.T did much more than shape my affections for ugly-but-lovable creatures (Boston Terriers and Dobby from Harry Potter, Hello?). It subliminally shaped my fashion sense!

The only Spielberg film I can stomach came on television yesterday and, when I got to the scene where Gertie dressed him up, to Elliot’s disgust, I suddenly had a wave of nostalgia.

“I used to dress up like that all the time!” I yelled at the TV – as Mr Kitty shook his head in Elliot-Style embarrassment. But I did!

I do now, too. Biker Jacket, Collar & Long Skirt? Erm -YES! All the fashion rags agree – not in so many words – it might sound ridiculous, but E.T. Is a Style GOD.

This is just part 1 of my 3-part love-athon for E.T and his devilish fashion sense.


This slimy little babe just effortlessly works the peter-pan collar, biker jacket and boho bangle mashup with aplomb. You can’t deny it! He might be other-wordly, but E.T. knew how to pull off his gladrags – and that Roll Hat is just fab. I’ll be purchasing myself one of those soon…

Not only that, though, ladies. He pulled off the Grunge look really well, too! Its hard to Google a picture, but just check out the scene where he’s sloshed – the open lumberjack shirt over the nude faux-leather, textured shift dress that is his greasy little torso is very Now!

You heard it here first.



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2 responses to “E.T The Extra-Terrestrial Style Icon.

  1. Hi amber!
    Thanks for kind words! I totally agree that it’s cool to find inspiration in unlikely places and it’s the absolute best way to be quirky and cool 🙂
    Kitty xo


  2. Hi Kitty!

    What a sweet post! I never thought about ET in a fashion sense, but it’s so true! That screenshot is adorable, of course, but I love how you put together a styled outfit from it. Very cool… very impressive. And I would totally wear it!
    I love people that find inspiration from just really random things that a lot of people would just overlook. Definitely something to be appreciated. thanks for posting this!
    hope you’re having a good weekend-

    xox, amber


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