Christmas Wishlist 2012

People always ask me what to get me for Christmas. I am, I think, literally THE easiest person to buy for.

I don’t think, for one second, that internet-folk are going to buy me anything, ever, but I still thought it’d be fun to create a Christmas Wish List!

I always find it really useful to look at the ones made by other people, and I love reading the ones in Glamour magazine, so here is mine:

1 – Louche Raine Dress – Joythestore

2 – Faux Fur Fairisle Boots – Accessorize

3 – Feathered Drop Earrings – River Island

4 – Bobbi Brown Face Base – Bobbi Brown @ Selfridges

5 – Lingerie  – Elle MacPherson Intimates

6 – Crescent Row EDT – Benefit @ Selfridges

7 – To Kill A Mockingbird

8 – Fairisle Knickers – Topshop 3 for £12

9 – Luck Be A Lady Dress – Modcloth

10 – ANY Christmas Sweater. Preferrably Yellow

11 – Moranthology by Caitlin Moran – Waterstones

So there you have it! Some of those are kind of non-specific. I love the knickers and socks mix-and-match from Topshop – in fact, if that is all I got any christmas, I would gleefully consider the gifting a success, and unbutton my jeans for dinner with a smile on my face!

Number 7 – To Kill a Mockingbird – is a tradition, too. My nan used to buy me the same copy every year, since I was about 12. The first few years, she genuinely forgot I had it. A few years later, she did it for the comedy value. Then another few years later, when she was sick and confused, I think she perhaps bought it on auto-pilot, not really knowing why.  It’s a great book, obviously, but no girl has that many copies of the same edition of the same book. I do.
It’s very sweet, and my family carry on the tradition now.

Does anyone else know what they want for Christmas?

Does anyone not know what to get for someone else? Give me a shout – I love christmas shopping!

I have to admit, I prefer the giving – I enjoy thinking about what to give, how to make it better, ensure it’s personal.
🙂 watch this space in the upcoming weeks for loooads of Seasonal recipes, DIYs and Christmas Gift supplements!


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