Joy to the Girl

If you’re a regular reader, you will know I am constantly on the lookout for a UK Alternative to Modcloth. Gosh, I love Modcloth.

A long time ago (like… last year) I made my first purchase from Joy The Store and discovered the brand Louche.
My purchase of the Louche Quinn Dress was soon followed by the realisation that Modcloth Stock Louche – but for more money.I Actually posted about that at the time.

Anyway, for a skinny scrimper like me, Joy’s dresses are reserved as Treats-Only. I can scarcely justify spending £50-70 on a dress for an occasion, nevermind for fun.

Nevertheless, I often check their site, and am so stoked by their new collection.

Check it!

I especially adore dress #1, which I am planning to buy and save for springtime, where I will wear it with pumps – a la 50’s diner chic.

Ditto Dress #3.

I have also just ordered dress #4 – super casual winter day-dress. Perfect with Mocha-Moccasins and Faux-Fur Coat.

So! I hope you like my selection from this season at JoytheStore.

Have you seen their collection? What’s your favourite piece?


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