Little Details | A Weekend in Close-Ups

Guys, I hope you will forgive me for my silence this weekend. It was frosty, sunny, chilly and crisp all weekend, and I thought that a perfect time to prepare (properly) for winter!
With Bonfire Night and Halloween out of the way, there is literally nothing that stands between me and Christmas. Except for a few things I can’t talk about just yet – but those things are just spurring me on!

So, since Friday, I shopped for my winter wardrobe. I considered other things to prepare for winter. I have cooked a whole bunch of delicious things to share recipes for! I have thought up gift lists, I’ve decided what I’m making vs what I’m buying. I’ve shopped for jars to hold home-made chutneys. Geek.

In lieu of sharing all of that with you, behold a few snaps from my wardrobe de-clutter (also performed this weekend). Since Autumn/Winter is a fabulous time to indulge in pattern and texture, I always seem to go all out. My normal colourful self falls quiet and delights in a minimal, rich colour palette with emphasis on snug and quirky.

I love winter!



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