25 before 25

In 1 year, 1 month and 2 weeks exactly, I will be 25 years old.

It’s no biggie, loads of people I know have already done 25, they reckon it’s so passé. It probably is. I’m not one to freak out about age – I don’t  think I ever will be – but I was sat thinking about hittin 25 and wondering whether it’s a milestone?
18 wasn’t a milestone for me – my Grandparents had just died and I wasn’t coping brilliantly with the upheaval that followed. 21 wasn’t a huge milestone, either. I worked overtime on my Birthday, and didn’t see anyone.

25 might be cool, but on the journey there I’d like to enjoy myself.

Behold, 25 things to complete or achieve before I turn 25.
Edit: The cross-through ones are complete. The Bold ones are in progress.

1.  Finish writing that book (I figured I’d use the cliché one first)

2. Run a Marathon

3. Move to a nicer area

4. Visit a country I have never been to before

5. Perfect a Pulled Pork recipe

6. Learn a new language

7. Take a weekly class

8. Finish my “Wall of Fame” wall decor

9. Get a new car

10. Host another Charity event

11. Find a perfect pair of jeans

12. Get a dog (my own dog!)

13. Find the perfect Willie Nelson tshirt. Even if I have to make it.

14. Learn to make Chutney

15. Own, care for and sustain a plant successfully

16. Get an allotment and grow my own vegetables

17. Write at least one of the sitcom ideas I’m constantly talking about

18. Take a hot air balloon ride

19. Host a Dinner Party for Friends or Family.

20. Visit London with Mr Kitty

21. Devise and Stick to a Budget.

22. Learn to Knit

23. Start a collection of recipes

24. Plan (and implement) trips to Russia and Peru

25.Watch Sex & the City – see what all the fuss is about.

I hope I won’t chicken out and change some of these because they are too much effort.
Have you ever set yourself a list of challenges?

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