Yeah, I bought a Spearmint Cashmere Crop Sleeve Sweater from work this week.

I have never worn Spearmint in my life (I don’t think) and was a little bit worried that it’d just make me look like a snow Queen.

Lets rewind to introductions and let me remind you that I am unflinchingly pale. At times, I am almost see-through. When I’m penny pinching, I find Talc more suitable as foundation than the lightest Rimmel shade. Hope that paints a picture.

Anyway,  I was worried that the lightness and crispness of it would wash me out, with my dark hair and vampire skin, but it actually works incredibly well. I toyed with the idea of getting HOT PINK (I know…) or “Winter white” but I didnt want to clash with it. I had to have the sweater one way or another  – I’ve never had cashmere before and it was a bargain.

Anyay, here is how I styled it. It looked fab.


* Just want to say, I also wore a coat & scarf… I don’t just rock earmuffs on their own!

I don’t think I’ll rush to buy anything else in that colour, but I do really like it 🙂



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