Aw man, the first weekend in December is one of my absolute favourites!

It means it’s time to do, eat and see so much stuff I love! Mr Kitty and I have been super busy all weekend doing all manner of festive things – including putting up our tree!

weekend 1 – The fairy lights! I am always torn between whether we should have rainbow lights, or plain off-white lights. I usually opt for plain. I’m a real stickler for sticking with a Christmas colour scheme!

2 – Peveril of the Peak. Mr Kitty & I went on a nice long bike ride on Sunday morning and saw the sights of the City. I have seen this pub so many times, but never seen it look quite as beautiful as it does in the mid-morning frost.

3- The middle of a Cranberry. I love eating cranberries.

4 – A Goose-House we saw while cycling down the canal. So sweet!

5 – Chocolate and Peanut Butter pie. I actually made this on Fakesgiving a few weeks ago, but hey-ho.

6 – 1920s lamps on one of the city bridges.

Thats just the very crust of my weekend, I’ve actually done so much more, including drinks with friends on Friday, loads of cooking on Saturday, the beginning of Christmas Gift making, learning some new recipes and making Christmas lists!

Obviously the main event was putting up the tree, but that involved a few panic moments, a personal crisis and some really intense shopping- so I’m going to dedicate a whole post to that this week. Stay tuned!



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