Christmas Day & Christmas Night

I make no apologies for the majority of my December posts being to do with Christmas.
I get stoked for winter so easily.

One of my biggest woes is usually what to wear on Christmas day. I come from a long line of celebrators, but since my grandparents died, the Parental Unit, myself and my brother just spend Christmas alone together in the family home, which, when we all lived there, wasn’t that magical. We still got dressed up nice and put on a festive CD to make it feel more magical than the average family meal we had every night.
The Christmas outfit is very important.

Since I met Mr Kitty and it became the norm to spend Christmas Day night with his family, after spending the day with mine, my Noel split into two very different occasions. His family is huge, and their evening turns into a lovely, jovial, bursting party. This calls for an entirely different outfit!

So, behold. My Christmas Clothing Crisis Cure!


This may seem a little excessive to have an outfit change in the middle of a day which is basically designed for eating everything you can get your hands on, but it is compiled solely of items I own already, plus the “Night” dress and shoes were free to begin with – thank you gifts for my participation in the Fashion Show in October.

Do you dress up or dress down at Christmas?



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