A True Mystery


I am a big coffee drinker. I am really particular about the strength, texture, temperature and overall experience of a coffee. I make my own lattes, espressos, cappuccinos etc at home, and have a medium/high standard of what I expect from a “good” coffee.

I have a good formula for it, too. I find that most coffee shops can come close to my standard (not too weak, not too strong, right amount of froth/milk etc) but the coffee shop on the ground floor of my office cannot.

That sounds like I’m some sort of coffee princess, but you know how you like stuff, right? I mean, one shot of espresso isn’t enough. 2 shots is too much. At home, I can add the one-and-one-sixth shots of espresso that I require.
Plus, if I have that one really perfect coffee in a day, I don’t really need to re-indulge later. If I have a cruddy granulated, freeze-dried coffee, I will probably still want a posh one when I get home.

So I set up my own Coffee Kit for work, with all the implements I have at home, to recreate my coffee experience.

You know what I discovered?

I do everything the same way, and at work it just doesn’t taste as good.

How on earth do I combat that?



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