Christmas Party!

So this Saturday (tomorrow) Mr Kitty and I will be conducting a mini Christmas party. Nobody else is invited except for us two and our weekend visitor. Maybe my dog. 

For me, it’ll be great to have some Christmas Spirit, listen to a few festive tunes and stuff. 

In reality, though, we can both accept the truth that we are having a Christmas Party just so we can buy nibbles from M&S.


That M&S Buffet Food advert has been taunting us both for ages. 
Plus, a few glasses of wine now and again are healthy, right?

We’re exchanging a small gift each but I can’t divulge too much in case he sneaks a peek at the blog. 

Stay tuned for photos 


2 thoughts on “Christmas Party!

  1. Aw always disappointing to be so far from an M&S! luckily for us there is one literally across the road – so it takes about 15mins as a round trip!
    We haven’t tried iceland yet, though!

    Hope you enjoy your 2nd xmas party! 🙂


  2. Ohh the Christmas food from M&S looks lovely this year….Shame the nearest one to me is miles away!! We had a mini Christmas party with the kids a few weeks ago to test all the Iceland party food….YUM! Having another tomorrow night…hehehe Have a great night 🙂


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