DIY Christmas Hamper

The title potentially alludes to me sitting weaving a wicker hamper. I actually have not done that.

However, I did come across a wicker hamper at home that has been sat empty, unused, for a long time. Since I’ve been working hard on making festive treats, I decided to pile it all together and make a Christmas Hamper for to take home with my for my parents this Christmas.

Basically, all you need is A Basket, some Florist Paper & Stuff to put in your hamper.

Here is what I have included:


Everything I have got is Home Made – except for the Wine & Cheese.
* Dog Biscuits
*Irish Cream Fudge
* Cheesy Biscuits & Crackers
*Spiced Mixed Nuts
*Peppermint Cremes
*Mince Pies
*Chocolate Truffles
*Home Made Chutneys, Jams & Lemon Curd
*Preserved Pears

I will also be including some other bits and bobs – Gingerbread, Posh Pork Pies, Scented Candle, a Knitted Scarf each, Tennis Balls & Teddy Bears for the Dogs, A Bottle of Benedictine (The Christmas Day Tipple), a Christmas Pudding, a Panettone and, for Papa Kitty, a posh Bury Black Pudding.

(It’s a big hamper)
I will be sharing photos soon, but it isn’t quite complete yet! Don’t want to show the world until it’s finished!

Is anyone else making a Christmas Hamper? What have you included?



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