Secret Santa

So, Work Secret Santa happened. It was actually a great little segment of the day where the office do a lovely giveaway (people won laptops, cameras etc) and then we all exchanged Secret Santa gifts!

In the raffle, I won a bottle opening kit – nothing spectacular, but I win stuff quite frequently, plus its pretty cool, so I’m really happy with it. 

My secret Santa got me a little bottle of wine, some Lindt chocolates & some Bath Stuff – Lovely!

Perhaps the best experience, however, was the response received from the person who I gave a Secret Santa gift to. 
I didn’t know the lady I got very well, so I had to be creative. Since it’s our Work Christmas Party tomorrow, I decided to put together a Kit for the Perfect Christmas Party. Our limit was just £7 so it was difficult, but I managed to do pretty well.

Without going into detail overdrive, I put together 5 items for a great night out, including Nail Polish, Lip Gloss and even a Disposable Camera. 
I wrapped it all and put notes on each individual item to explain the significance to the perfect party.

To my delight, when everyone opened their gifts, there was a positive Whoop from her desk, followed by a lovely grateful email.

I have come to the conclusion that its much more satisfying to be a giver than a receiver. 



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