T’was the day before Christmas

And I am at work.

How utterly depressing is that?
I know there are squillions of people who have to work on Christmas Eve, which ignites a hunger in me for a  Dickensian yuletide.
We all want some Figgy Pudding, etc.

This weekend, though, has been spent merrily. Finishing Christmas Shopping, catching up with a dear friend, visiting the Christmas markets, my office Christmas party (although I didn’t stay long) and even going to see The Hobbit.

Here are a few snaps:


Despite not being a big fan of Lord of the Rings (I’m more of a Harry Potter gal), I really enjoyed The Hobbit. There was something intrinsically different about it, which made me really responsive to it. I’m still trying to put my finger on what.

Then we headed home and finished wrapping gifts. I added the last touches to the Hamper and made some Shortbread Biscuits for tomorrow.

Friday, I went to my Work Christmas Party which was, by all accounts, okay. I did get to sample Mushroom Wellington, which was the first time I’d ordered a Mushroom dish ever, and also the first time I had ever tried Wellington. It was a successful “first” in both instances.
Sadly, our table had a 3-sprout rule, because the restaurant we went to were a little mean with the vegetables.

Is everyone else having a good run-up to Christmas?



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