Did everyone have a joyous Christmas?

I feel very blessed to have spent time with the people I did, and have to admit to being completely spoiled.

Many Many thanks to my lovely parents, brother and Mr Kitty for the fabulous gifts. Now… obviously, its nice to have a nosey at what everyone got. So here are some of the things I was lavished with:



1. Nespresso Machine – lots of love from Mummy & Daddy.
2. Limoncello, Irish Creme & Sailor Jerry’s – Perfect opportunity to practise some cocktails! 
3. Entertainment! We’ve had literally hours of amazement already watching The Dark Knight Rises – Thank You Mr Kitty! Also got Little Rascals on DVD! 
4. L’eau D’Issey (and other fragrances) from my lovely little Brother. 
5. LBD – complete with Stud Belt, Chiffon Shrug & Cashmere jumper from my Parents
6. Make Up! Mr Kitty came along with some items I’ve been dying to try for ages! (All L’Oreal – all pretty impressive!)
7. Slipper Boots! Soo Cosy! 

I also got some really lovely bone china cups and some syrups to go with the coffee machine, to turn me into a master barista, along with lots of other lovely treats!
I really have been a spoilt lady this year.

If anything, though, I think I was more spoilt by the lovely company and experiences I had on Christmas and Boxing day. Obvs the main segment of Christmas Day was spent in Wigan with the Family.
I indulged in making cheesecake with my mother – disasterous but delicious, took charge of cooking the sprouts (not quite a disaster, but we only had Garlic Olive Oil – so they tasted more Mediterranean than Merry), and vegged out watching Phoenix Nights!

Fast Forward to the evening, which was spent with Mr Kitty and his huge family, having drinks and food, which was again very lovely! 

Did everyone else have a nice day? 


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