My Two Scents Worth

Actually, my three scents worth.
This Christmas/Birthday, I got 3 fragrances that I was not expecting, didn’t ask for and am delighted to have received.

1. L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake.


I have tried Issey Miyake briefly, in department stores, but always dismissed it, assuming it was “too old” for me. Kinda like Chanel No.5. I just assumed I didn’t like it.
However, my brother bought me a bottle for Christmas this year, and its just so crisp, fresh and lovely! I’m really impressed with this one.

2. Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs

I know I said I didn’t ask for this, but I did kind of hint. I much prefer this to Lola as it is a little sharper, and a lot more unexpected.
Unlike Dot, Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh, it seems to have the perfect make-up for my skin, as a small spritz in the morning still radiates a delicious aroma late into the evening.
I’ve never had a perfume that agreed with me this much until now.
Thank you, Mr Kitty.

3. Love Kills Slowly by Ed Hardy.


I have to admit to being 100% gutted when I unwrapped this on Christmas morning. Ed Hardy is just “not me”, I associate it with being rather unsophisticated. Nevertheless, I opened it eagerly and had a sniff, and boy was I impressed! This is such a dark horse – it smells really nice. Its sort of sweet and fruity, and “bubbly” if that is a scent description.
I’m not sure why it didn’t appeal to me – I’m all over the sailor pin-up look, but there is something about Ed Hardy that screams “CHAV” right into my face, through its Botox lips.
I am pleased, if reluctant, to say that I was wrong about Ed Hardy.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by something you assumed you’d hate?



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