The Quest for a Healthy Breakfast

So, as you will know if you read regularly, one of my resolutions for 2013 is to be healthy.

I often read things about changing your diet and exercise habits, and even in the vast jungle of conflicting dietary beliefs, one of the recurring and widely-agreed points is to do it gradually.
I suppose gradual is subjective, whether that be taking a week or a month to build up (or down) to your target. For me, food is the problem. I just like to eat. I actually don’t think there is anything wrong with liking to eat, it’s a natural instinct to be drawn to fullness, but in the name of health, I think I’d better break the habit. With this in mind, I will be working on healthy-izing 1 meal per week.

This week: Breakfast.

It’s commonly said that people who eat breakfast find it easier to lose weight than those who do not. It stops you from snacking, provides you the necessary energy to work up until your next meal, and, obviously, breaks your night time fasting.
I’ve always found that breakfast just kick-starts the hunger monster for the day, but I’m a greedy guts, and can only assume that I am eating the wrong type of breakfast.

The important thing for me is to decide on what is a healthy breakfast.
How many calories should a healthy breakfast be?
What type of calories should they be?

I’m no dietitian or specialist, and I don’t have any training, but what I’ve read seems to amount to common sense.

Your breakfast should be the biggest calorie intake of the day (not necessarily by loads), because you have the longest time for its energy to burn off.
Most people say you should aim for between 400-500 healthy calories for breakfast.
Porridge, Fruit, Grain Toast, Smoked fish (salmon, mackerel).
AM is the best time to eat fruit, because you then have the rest of the day to burn off the natural sugars.
But is there any point in forcing yourself to eat something you really don’t like? You’ll just end up quitting.
Personally, I am the opposite of a fussy eater. (I know I’m making myself sound like some sort of food slob here, but I’m not). I like tastes and stuff.
The prospect of having mackerel on toast, or scrambled egg with salmon is just too exciting for me, because generally my breakfast consists of a few biscuits dunked in a full fat cinnamon latte.

Because “I don’t have time” is a real excuse, though, it’s just not practical for me to scoff mackerel and salmon and other delicious things for breakfast, because I’m normally straightening my hair while I’m putting my pants on in the morning.

So here is my plan.
I will be having either Porridge & Fruit or Yogurt & Fruit for breakfast.
This leaves lunch wide open for fish, eggs, toast and real lunch dishes, should I choose to have them.

But we’ll get to lunch next week.

I will be recording what I’ve had each day, and when, starting today, and will share how I’ve felt each day. If anyone cares.

For someone who dearly loves food, I was a little disappointed that I’d be subjected to dull breakfasts, but if you Google Image Search “Healthy Breakfast” you quickly realise how wrong you’ve been.

Here’s to a week of scrummy, healthy breakfast!



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