Top DIYs of 2012

I love a bit of DIY, but I love seeing how well other people do it much, much more. I rush, I get so excited to see the finished product that it usually ends up looking a bit thrown together.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share my favourite DIYs from other bloggers in 2012, which I have resolved to have a go at in 2013!

1. Feather Peplum Belt by Kristen @ Glitter&Glue

peplum belt

I absolutely adored this belt from the very moment I set eyes on it – and have not made it yet for the simple reason that I cannot find a length of Feather Trim anywhere.  Her Scarf/Dress DIY is also awesome.

2. DIY Pony Stamped Dress by ABeautifulMess
pony dress

I really love the idea of hand-stamping a plain dress to make it unique, but I don’t think I will opt for Ponies myself. Its a bit too hipster for my liking. This is a great, quick little DIY though, and I’m pretty certain I will be emulating it in 2013!

3. Mexican Rug Skirt by Apair-AndaSpare!

rug skirt

I loved this as soon as I set eyes on it. I am a sucker for colourful items, but when I have them, I never have the guts to wear them. That’ll all change when I’ve succeeded at my “be healthy” resolution and stopped being lumpy. I was amazed by how easy this skirt looks to make, although the instructions are difficult to follow, I’m sure I could knock it together pretty swiftly. My only problem has been finding a Mexican rug.
Maybe my good Mexican friend can source and send one for me?

4. DIY Barefoot Sandal & Shoe Enhancer by Lovemaegan

DIY barefoot sandal shoe embellishment
Lovemaegan is probably my favourite blog – okay, she comes from a much wealthier life than I, but she comes across as such an intrinsically lovely person, and her style is absolutely second to none. I’ve tried to emulate many of her outfits!
This is one of my absolute favourite DIYs of hers, though I was spoilt for choice on what to include! I love a double-use item, and also love a bit of Boho in the summer, so a barefoot sandal speaks VOLUMES to me!
Can’t wait for a warm day on holiday/by the pool to crack this out!

Do you have any favourite DIYs from 2012? Perhaps some DIYs that you’re planning to try in 2013?



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