Little Trips


This year, we are planning a few little trips to supplement our mega trip to the Southern USA.

It might sound lavish, but we’re good budget travelers. This year, there has been talk of London, Aberystwith, Paris and maybe even Prague or Krakow in addition to the Road Trip.

We’re kicking things off (probably) with London on March 1st.
I haven’t visited for about 5 years, where I stayed with a friend, so have little grasp on where the “hot spots” are, and certainly no clue as to where we should head for an eccentric, vibrant short stay.
Mr Kitty has never holidayed in London properly either, so we’re just a couple of  bluesy chumps trying to blindly plan a trip.

Luckily, that’s what we do best.

We labored for a while over which hotel to stay in – looking at Travelodges which cost more for 2 nights than our monthly rent, B&B’s that came in not far short of the Memphis Peabody per night, and generally distasteful hell-holes.

Then we turned up The Pavilion. I am a sucker for a place with character, even if that means it looks a bit grotty and unloved, but this place has, even via virtual imagery, taken my breath away.
With each room sporting an individual theme, from “War and Peace” to “Cosmic Girl” to “Indian Summer”, the hotel (although with its share of poor reviews) speaks to me. Self-proclaimed as “Groovy” and “Rock & Roll”, this place used all the right semantics to pull me in.
There is no other place in London for me to stay. I am even looking at honest, negative reviews with scorn. “Attention seeking scumbags” I mutter at my screen, disregarding them.
Mr Kitty doesn’t seem to mind it, either.

How could you not love it?
Check out the sitting room!
silver salon

(The Silver Salon. Credit The Pavilion Homepage for the Image)

After Falling in love with the place over images alone, I discovered that The Pavilion is also home of many fashion shoots, and go-to hideout of some minor celebrities (Brian Ferry, Martine McCutcheon). I’m hardly a celeb-stalker, but they tend to gravitate towards quirky, interesting places. I’m all about Quirky and Interesting.

Anyway, we are still looking into the finer details of our trip, but we are very much open to suggestions and advice.
We’re the kind of people who shun the touristy, and get on with the blending in, sampling the “local thing”, and (this is strictly in London), hoping to bump into Jimmy Page.

Are you planning any mini-trips in 2013?



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