Internet Bullying: Hate Crime Awareness

This is not like internet ham, or internet dating.

Yesterday, I was internet bullied.
I am 24 years old, and I was bullied.
Perhaps this came at a “convenient” time, as this is Hate Crime Awareness week.
I experienced hate crime on Hate Crime Awareness week, and it opened my eyes to the importance of stopping hate crime, and bullying.

Now, in most cases, I think the term “bullied” evokes sympathy (rightly so) and the idea that the ‘victim’ is in some way harmed by the attack, but in reality, “bullying” still counts when someone does something intentionally nasty, with the intent to harm someone, but fails to upset their target.

This is what happened to me. I think I was more offended by a stranger making an effort to upset me, than by what they actually said.

I was happily playing in internet land, when a troll came from beneath a cyber bridge and decided it was apt to call me Fat.
This girl did a great job, though, she used metaphors and similes and a wide range of linguistic techniques to illustrate just how fat I am.
She was truly gifted, as she managed to make this assessment without seeing me at all.
Something in the way I type must give off “fat” vibes.

I have never been a bully. I have probably done my fair share of bitching and being a bit judgmental in my younger days, but for the most part, I’m rather an accepting person.
I can’t understand what satisfaction comes from being so needlessly mean?

In my case, the onslaught didn’t really bother or upset me, I’m thicker skinned than that.
What did bother me, though, is that someone would go out of their way to say random hateful words to an unprovoking stranger.
This is the sort of behaviour that shouldn’t even be permitted at school age – the words inevitably sometimes fall on the wrong ears, and do serious damage.
I can’t imagine what words like that would have done to a 13-year-old Kitty.
Probably destroyed her.
I can only imagine what effect it has on people who frequently fall victim to the perils of bullies, whether they be online or real-life.

Big support and respect to the people out there rocking to their own anthem!
We really all need to get on board with the awareness raising of Hate Crimes and start making love not war!

Any opinions guys? Can’t we all just like each other and save the trolling for Fairytales?



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