The Best Item I Ever Bought.

This is just a little love-post for the best dress I ever bought.
For me, its the very definition of “investment piece”, but without the associated staggering price tag.
It is relatively versatile, multi-seasonal and flattering.
It has also fit me properly, consistently, at a range of dress sizes.


This dress was bought from Topshop when I was 15. That’s 9 years ago.
It cost me £26, and at the time, I had a dilemma about whether it was too expensive. I got 10% Student Discount and ended up paying £23.40 after a week of “sleeping on it”.
I took it home, lost the receipt, fell out of love with it, and didn’t look at it again until I started college two years later.
By then, I’d gone up a dress size, but when I dug it out on my first day, channeling Janis Joplin I assume, it fit like a glove.
That was the start of my immense, infallible trust in this dress.
Since that day, I have gone up a few dress sizes, and back down, and its always fit perfectly.
Today, it looks especially wonderful as I’ve lost 5lbs of “wobbly bit”, which is why I wanted to celebrate it.

You can see above how I am styling it today, because its snowing, but this dress really works in pretty much all situations and all seasons.

Here are the most common ways I wear it:



1. Today: Dressed down with some thick black tights, knee high wedges and woolies for a snow day
2. Spring: Bare-legged and Bare-footed (or flat sandals) with boho hair accessories and tassel bag.
3. Spring/Summer Holiday: Barelegged with a Stetson & Cowboy Boots. I like this for the walking days of holidays and short breaks.
4. Any time! With black tights and wedge boots. Throw over a leather jacket for the evening.

Obviously, there are a zillion more ways to wear this, but those are the most common ways I celebrate my favourite dress!

Also, I have worn it as a costume a few times – I would share photographs, but…no.

Over the past few years I’ve started to think of Topshop as an unnecessary luxury which no longer rings synonymous with harmonious price/quality… but this dress is the exception which proves the rule.
In fact, its such an impressive piece that I would go as far as to say that, If I had the opportunity to go back in time and buy more than one, I wouldn’t. 

I completely trust in the one I already have to be everything I want it to be:

Do you have a favourite “piece”?



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