John Greed Jewellery – Valentines day

Until yesterday, I had never heard of John Greed Jewellery.
I’m not a “follower” of jewellery, in that I don’t own a Pandora bracelet, or Swarovski Earrings, however I do have an extensive collection of vintage jewellery, mostly that belonged to my Nan and her sister, or their Mother.
I have very little modern jewellery, and absolutely none that I own which has always been mine.
I do have a Links of London silk bracelet from Mr Kitty which is lovely.

I wanted to remedy that, so I started to look online for a nice, not-too-pricey, quality item, but also from a trusted name.
In my search, I upturned the John Greed Jewellery website, which you can also find by clicking here.

To my surprise, I also found a Blogger Challenge on there. You can enter the competition yourself by clicking here.

The jist is that you should select the items you’d love to win from John Greed, and create a Valentine mood board.
The lucky winner will win themselves everything on their moodboard!

I wasted no time in creating mine, which is below.

money cant buy you

I have chosen 5 beautiful pieces which total £208. My favourite is, by far, the “Only Ever You Dear” necklace, which is really cool.
The Pandora stack-effect rings are also a favourite! Despite loving silver, all my jewellery is Gold (Nan’s taste!)

This place is really ideal to visit for gift inspiration, they have a sweet section of gift ideas and a good search function for those who know just what they’re looking for.

Even better – and often a website deal breaker for me – they have a search by style AND price filter.
I love this!

To top it all off, I did a spot of watch shopping after creating my mood board, and treated myself to this beautiful DKNY skinny watch. Just £89!


Will you be entering?



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