The Snow Came… Again


To my intense disappointment, this time, the snow started less than 10 minutes after I got out of sight of our home on my bicycle, on the way to work.

It started off with a fine layer, which wasn’t sticking, so I carried on cycling, and reached work just as the heavens opened and thick, fast, beautiful snow fell across the city.
And onto my bike.

I sat at my window-facing desk, watching the billowing snow for a few hours, sure that it was sticking, and getting really excited – but with a hint of panic . I had a meeting in the city centre which I had to make 30 mins after getting off work, and cycling in the snow would take me much longer than that.

As luck would have it, the managers at work declared an optional snow afternoon, so I managed to get out a whole 30minutes early…to find that no snow had stuck at all.

Then I was ultra early for my meeting, which was actually really good, because it was literally the funnest meeting I’ve ever been in.

More on that in a few weeks, though.

Did anyone get proper, long-lasting snow?



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