Forward Planning: Breaking out the Spring Wardrobe.

Until I lived in a flat, it was never really necessary to have a separate cold/warm weather wardrobe, but now space is very much a luxury, I absolutely do.
In one way, it’s good, in another, it’s really uncool.

Today, for some reason, I decided it was time to break out the spring wardrobe. I suspect that it was to do with the sun shining, and the temperature being high enough to allow just wearing a cardigan on the way to the shop.
4 days ago, it was snowing.
Anyway, I’m rarely so organized that I have my spring “stuff” out by February, but this time I am.

The upside is that getting all your “old” clothes out after having them packed away for 6 months feels a lot like shopping. Vintage shopping, for your own stuff, in your own home.
It was a nice throwback thinking “aw, I bought this for such-a-day” and “Wow, they look so big!” while tossing some last-season jeans onto the ‘For Charity’ pile, and I left my bedroom feeling that same sort of satisfaction you get when you’ve been and bought all the “Key Pieces” for the seasons.

Pleased with myself, I decided to have a think about which “looks” I can create with my current stuff, so that I know what items to focus on getting this season. I’m surprised to think I hardly “need” anything, which is going to be really useful for the next 36 days when keeping my lenten promises.

Without further ado, please see part one of the collection, and my failsafe style, Nautical.


I love nautical because it means you get to wear jeggings – which are absolutely perfect in the UK for spring. Not too hot, but also handy for keeping out the spring breeze in the evenings. They look good with pretty much everything, and if you can avoid the post-christmas muffin top, they can literally be your best friend.

I spend a lot of my clothes money on things which fit into the nautical theme, not only because it means almost everything ‘goes’, but because I’ve just always been drawn to it. Like some crazy Rockabilly, 50s Siren-Tattoo cliche.
Ain’t we all?

The thing I love best about spring, though, is the shoes. I absolutely love having no shoes on, and Spring gives the perfect opportunity to wear little dolly shoes that you can just kick off wherever you end up – pub, lounge, work, play, cafe, cinema, restaurant. You name it, I can go barefoot there.

Anyway, aside from the “key” bits I have for spring, there are also the “Misc” items, mostly stuff which I love to pieces but don’t necessarily qualify as Nautical.

See these below.


I know that a lot of that stuff is also nautical, I just can’t help it.
The Skynyrd top is a pretty new edition to the wardrobe and, because I love it, I’m justifying it all kinds of ways, like matching it with tailored pencil skirts.
In a year, I’ll look back and ask myself “why?”

The other thing besides Nautical that I love is Boho, although I’m not really skinny enough to carry it off. Nevertheless, I do like sometimes rocking a nice floral sundress with some gladiator sandles, or a “gypsy” top with denim shorts and some sort of feathered thing.

Is anyone else as early as me and ready for spring?


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