The Tight Git’s Guide to Latte


I flipping love a good latte, but I am also relatively tight when it comes to splashing cash on something that lasts me dramatically less than 5 minutes.
Call me a stickler, but has anyone else noticed how lattes these days seem to come with an obscene amount of foam?

I put it to you that this is some sort of revolting conspiracy. I remember in the “good old days” when a latte consisted of a good amount of coffee, a generous avalanche of milk, and a thin, smooth layer of foam. This was perfect.

Nowadays I find myself almost choking to death on lethal mouthfuls of thick, pointless froth whenever I grab myself a Costa or, moreso, a Starbucks.
Let me be the first to confirm that the ONLY thing other than delicious milky latte that I want gracing the top of my coffee cup is WHIPPED CREAM. Anything else better be <10% of the cup.

Amazingly, when I look on Google (the new World version of a Learned Man), there is NO standard for what a latte should contain, except for 1 helpful soul who claims it should be 1/3 milk.
This is useful, but bitterly disappointing, and since I can’t verify the information anywhere else it is also useless in its usefulness.

Further to this disappointment, my colleague has just come into work with a latte from the same place, which is properly proportioned.

I am livid.

Can anybody offer me any support?



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